California LGBTQ+ Conferences

Many great opportunities exist throughout Southern California and statewide to network with other students and professionals in various fields. Check out some of the annual conferences in California below:

Asterisk Trans* Conference
A college conference to build community for trans* people and allies, to address trans* health and well-being, and to provide education and resources for trans* youth advocates. The most recent Asterisk Trans* Conference was held in 2018.

For more information about Asterisk, please visit:

We cordially invite all folks who self identify as Black/African American or of African Descent and as Same Gender Loving, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or somewhere on the LGBTQ Spectrum, to apply to attend.

Through this conference, we hope to create safe and courageous spaces that foster the discussion of issues relevant to those who self identify as Black/African American or of African Communities on the LGBTQ Spectrum. Various Workshops, keynotes, and activities will be designed to unite our community and equip us with the resources necessary to face issues that affect us as marginalized individuals.

For more information about BlaqOUT, please visit:

Models of Pride
Models of Pride is the world’s largest FREE conference for LGBTQ youth & allies 12-24, as well as parents & professionals. This year’s virtual event will include an opening session, workshops, resources, and entertainment – all free! The 28th annual Models of Pride will be Saturday, November 14 – Sunday, November 15, 2020 online.

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La Familia de UCRChicano Student Programs, and the LGBT Resource Center of UC Riverside invite you to join Un Espacio For Our QT Community at the 4th annual ¡Presente! Conference from Tuesday, February 16 – Friday, February 19, 2021.

The ¡Present! Conference is a queer college conference for Latinx/Chicanx/Indigenous/PoC, with a focus on people who self-identify with the Latin/South/Central American diaspora or Brown or Indigenous.

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Queer & Asian Conference (QACON)
Each year, QACON brings together more than 400 attendees from all across the U.S. for a weekend of queer & Asian celebration, empowerment, education, and community here on the UC Berkeley campus. As always, our conference is free to all attendees and everyone is welcomed. So please come out for an exciting weekend of workshops, speakers, and community building! More information about the upcoming conference can be found on

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us at!

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Queer and/or Trans People of Color Conference
The University of California, Riverside is proud to announce that the Queer and/or Trans People of Color Conference will be hosted here on February 28th – 29th, 2020.

For more information about QPOCC, please visit:

SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference
The Southern California LGBTQIA Health Conference aims to provide the highest quality of care for the LGBTQIA community by bringing together diverse professionals dedicated to evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, and public policy that promote equality and respect for LGBTQIA health. The conference was created by a group of healthcare professional students across Southern California looking to bring attention to the healthcare needs of LGBTQIA communities in Southern California. The purpose of this conference is to educate students and healthcare professionals in LGBTQIA health issues by providing a forum for the discussion of new trends in LGBTQIA health care issues and for cultivating inter-professional networks.

For more information about the SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference, please visit:

SoCal T-Camp
T-Camp is an intercampus retreat to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with our peers. This event is specifically for students who are transgender, genderqueer, or gender questioning (TGQQ). Retreat facilitators include transgender and genderqueer community members, as well as campus LGBTQ+ resource professionals. We encourage you to apply for T-Camp if:

  • You are a TGQQ-identified college student
  • You wish to explore your own gender identity/expression and engage in dialogue with others
  • You wish to build community with your peers across multiple campuses and experiences
  • You wish to gain knowledge regarding trans issues, self-care and wellness, and accessing resources and support
Application Process
  1. Complete the online T-Camp application. Applications open every October.
  2. T-Camp organizers will notify you in November if your application has been accepted.
  3. Students may work with a campus representative to find funding to cover the $150 fee. Funding sources include student government grants, departmental funds, etc.
  4. A liability form, health & emergency contact form, and expectations contract will be completed by students accepted to attend the retreat.. All forms and payment are due by December 1.
  5. Questions regarding applications and payment may be directed to Nancy Tubbs (Director, UCR LGBT Resource Center) at 951.827.2267,
  6. Past T-Campers may apply to attend T-Camp again. However, selection priority may be given to new participants.

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