QTBIPOC Resources

StudentsMany QTBIPOC folx experience unique challenges when coming out to others with their sexuality and gender identity/expression and, as a result, the coming out process can be even more difficult. At the LGBTQ+ Student Center, we acknowledge and recognize the hardships for some students of color and we strive to promote inclusiveness to the USC LGBTQ+ community through events, educational discussions and training sessions. We respect the diverse identities of every fellow Trojan.

Coming Out Resources

LGBT Peer Mentoring Program – a confidential mentoring program for students coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity/expression
Queer People of Color – USC Queer People of Color is the first club to focus on the Minority Groups which lie within the LGBTQIA community.


The Center works closely with the other cultural centers on campus when the LGBTQ+ perspective is presented at their different events. In addition, mini resource kits are at every cultural center and are updated by the LGBTQ+ Student Center monthly with upcoming information about events and other LGBTQ+ related activities. The cultural centers include the Asian Pacific American Student Services, the Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs, the First Gen+ Success Center, and La CASA.

Collaborative Events

  • Asian Pacific American QueerStory (co-sponsored by The Asian Pacific American Student Services)
  • Black QueerStory (co-sponsored by The Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs)
  • Latino/a QueerStory (co-sponsored by La CASA)
  • Gender Justice Month that addresses the ethnic and cultural diversity within the transgender community (sponsored by the Queer & Ally Student Assembly)
  • Latino/Rainbow Floor Mixer (co-sponsored by The Rainbow Floor and Latino Floor)
  • Somerville/Rainbow Floor Mixer (co-sponsored by The Rainbow Floor and Somerville Floor)

Los Angeles QTBIPOC Supportive Resources