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Transgender Ally

The coming out process for transgender individuals may be more difficult than someone coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Everyone’s coming out process is unique and different and at USC we attempt to take a personal approach to assist with one’s transition.

Trans Ally symbol

Things to know

To be an ally to the trans community, please understand the following

  • Gender does not determine sex and sex does not determine gender.
  • Transgender is part of human diversity. It is not something to be fixed and it is no less “normal” than non-transgender identities. (Really, there is no such thing as “normal”…)
  • The transgender community is amazingly diverse; it includes people of all races, sexualities, sexes, classes, sizes, religions, ages, kinds of ability, political convictions, etc. Transgender individuals and communities can never be represented by just one individual or generalization.
  • Gender identity is not the root of all other issues for an individual; gender identity is neither more or less important than other identitites such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, religion, nationality, etc.
  • Not all trans people are interested in hormones or surgery.
  • You do not have to be a transgender person or an expert on transgender issues to suport transgender people; transgender people need allies in the same way that all oppressed and marginzalied communities need allies.

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