Sexual Health/Violence


Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP): provides immediate therapy services for situations related to gender- and power-based harm (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking). All services are confidential. This office also has workers well versed in the LGBTQ+ community.

24/7 Advocates: Student Health hired five new 24-hour on-call advocates to assist survivors 

of sexual assault. These specialists are trained to respond to survivors’ needs, accompany 

them to sexual assault service centers, and guide them through the process of seeking care,

including counseling, medical, forensic examinations, accommodation services in

conjunction with the campus Title IX office, and appropriate follow-up care. 

Phone: (213) 740-9355


Campus Support and Intervention: CSI is an office within Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention. We are a team of professionals here to assist students, faculty, and staff in navigating complex issues. Whether you are here seeking support for yourself or someone else, we are available to help you problem solve, understand options, and connect with resources.



Phone Number: 213-740-0411

Consultation Form:


APAIT: provides inclusive HIV care programs (HIV testing, PrEP/PEP) and substance abuse treatment. 



Alexis Project: A partnership between The Alexis Arquette Family Foundation and Violence Intervention Program (VIP) at the LAC+USC Medical Center, The Alexis Project is an extension of VIP’s hallmark medical, mental health and support programs targeted at the LGBTQ+ population.