Weekly Programs & Affinity Spaces

Dates and times for our weekly programs for Spring semester are still being determined. Fill out our weekly programs interest form to receive updates on when/where the programs will meet when they begin in early Spring.

Weekly Programs

QTPOC Lounge
Mondays, 12-1pm @LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Queer/Trans People of Color (QTPOC) Lounge is a program of the LGBTQ+SC that provides an intentional space for QTPOC students to come hangout and build community with other QTPOC students. Engage in weekly discussions, study sessions, movie screenings, game nights, and more.

Ace/Aro Space
Tuesdays, 6-7pm @ LGBTQ+SC

An intentional space for students who identify as asexual, aromantic, demisexual, or anywhere on the ace and/or aro spectrums. Engage in discussions, plan hangouts and activities, discuss ace/aro related issues, and build community with your peers.

Queer Fandom Fanatics
Thursdays, 4-5:30pm @ LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Queer Fandom Fanatics is a weekly space for folks to geek out and talk about all things pop culture (tv, movies, comics, video games, fandom, etc) through a queer, intersectional lens.

Bi+ Spaces
Thursdays, 6-7pm @ LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Bi-Spaces is an intentional space for students who identify as bisexual, polysexual, pansexual, and/or another non-monosexual identity to connect with others in the USC Bi+ community. Engage in discussions, plan hangouts and activities, discuss bi+ related issues, and build community with your peers.

Rainbow International
Thursdays, 7-8pm @LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Rainbow International is a weekly intentional space where LGBTQ+ international students can come together to discuss topics ranging from their queer experiences in their nation(s) to pop culture and food. Rainbow International also hosts occasional Friday lunches as well as boba study breaks before finals season.

Queer Book Club
Fridays, 3-4pm @ LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Queer Book Club is an open space to discuss a new LGBTQ+ book each semester. Engage in regular book conversations, get book/reading recommendations, and join a tight-knit group with a passion for queer literature.

Beyond the Binary (Formerly GNAF)
Fridays, 4-5pm @ LGBTQ+SC (STU 415)

Beyond the Binary (formerly GNAF) is an intentional space for our Trans and Gender Nonconforming/Questioning USC students (& friends!) to get to know one another, destress & debrief, and have a place to call our own, all while actively abolishing the binary and other oppressive systems! Beyond the Binary is a student-led program centered around fostering a community for our TGNC students here at SC and serves as a testament to our livelihoods and contributions as gender-nonconforming academics.