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Upcoming Events

Our Weekly Affinity Groups provide a regular space to connect with people with shared identities and/or interests to be in solidarity and build community.

A group of eight students stands on Troy Steps for picture.

Queer Rising is a weekend student retreat for first-year freshman and first-year transfer students geared towards exploring queer and trans leadership and the commonalities and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community–of being “queer.” Continuing undergraduate students and graduate students are invited to apply to be retreat facilitators.

All of the LGBTQ+SC’s events and programs are open to all USC students – in addition to that, we host regular programs for grad students to connect with other LGBTQ+ graduate students in different programs and colleges.

The LGBTQ+SC is committed to developing queer and trans student leaders across the university through various programs and engagement opportunities throughout the year.

Lavender Celebration is a free LGBTQ+ annual graduation ceremony for LGBTQ+ undergraduate and graduate/professional students. Lavender Celebration honors students and commemorates their contributions to the University community while also celebrating their unique identities.

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